Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sabine and Steven

A few months ago I did an engagement photo session with Sabine and Steven. Well, their day has finally arrived.

On Friday, I began my day at the Queens home of Sabine, while Jolene photographed Steven at the home of his parents a few blocks away. I heard that Steven's father was pretty confident that with his marriage to Sabine, the chances of Steven trying to move back home dropped down pretty low. Their family dog was actually dressed for the occasion, but was unable to take part in the ceremony. Maybe that's why she looked really unhappy about being put in the wedding dress, which actually looked pretty good on her. She would have made one serious "Bridezilla."

The ceremony took place at St. Clair's Church, not to far from their home. Once my two friends were declared "Husband and Wife," Steven finally seemed at ease. You see he was a nervous wreck up to this point. Sabine did much better, only asking me for a time check about 64 times while she was getting ready. The reception was held at La Dolce Vita in Great Neck. The MC "Opera Steve" of Fiesta Entertainment, helped create a beautiful night of celebration for family and friends.

Check out the slide show.

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