Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time for a Face Lift....

I thought it was time to make a few changes. I guess that may have been one of the first things you've noticed when you came to my website or blog today. 2007 was such a Blessed year for me. Part of it was meeting great people in the form of both clients and fellow photographers, expanding my knowledge in photography, and more importantly growing as a person. Besides GOD (as always first in my lineup), family and friends, there are a few people I really have to put on the map.

While there are a number of photographers who's work I admire and inspire me, there are three that have done that in person, and have become not only my peers, but my mentors (not sure if they are aware of that), and great friends. Jennifer Davis, Roberto Falck, and Jason Groupp, are 3 of the "hottest" people I know. Jen has taught me patience; I know she'll get a laugh out of that; Roberto helps me to remember my imagination is a great tool that should never be over looked; and Jason inspires me to explore my surroundings, look for things that will increase the passion of my images.

James Ravenell, not only a photographer but an awesome friend. We kind of balance each other out at times and he is always there to lend an ear, and a camera.

My girlfriend Simone and my Godmother, what can I say. They're always there when I'm excited, pissed, whatever the mood, they're there watching my back and pushing me forward; reminding me of what's important and keeping me grounded.

I have to finish this list by starting at the beginning of it - Blessings that only GOD can provide. My final wedding of the year was that of Kristine and Warren up in Rhinebeck, NY. If you haven't read my post on that weekend, you can click here to catch up. What I didn't post about that weekend is that someone very close to me passed away a few days prior to me heading upstate. I was crushed, but felt that she would smack me in the head if I didn't proceed as planned. After assisting James on one of his weddings that Friday, I began the following day documenting Kristine and Warren's wedding day. After the ceremony we went out to the lobby of the church. It was here that I first noticed this huge book with one phrase printed in the center of the page. I raised the camera to my eye and took the photo, but it wasn't until after I pressed the shutter button did I see what the words actually said.

For me these words summed up my cousin's life in a way I didn't know was possible. Needless to say the reality of her passing crashed on me at that moment, not the best timing in the world. Now here is where those Blessings kick in. I was very Blessed to have two understanding and compassionate clients in Kristine and Warren. See, I told them earlier in the week what happened, and they checked in on me while I worked with them all day and I can tell you it wasn't the service they were concerned about, it was me. James also knew and kicked in like big brother and kept me going. Jason actually showed up to the reception as a guest, he's very close friends of the bride and groom. Jason actually came out to help with the night shoot, and I can't tell you how much that means to me. And of course Simone was there for me via phone the whole time.

Having all of these people in place let's me know GOD's blessings are real.

All in all, it was a great way to end 2007.

Thank You everyone.