Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jaclyn and Mario

Ok, Ok..... How should I sum up this couple. Let's see, 100% passion, 100% love, 150% fun and 50% knowledge of one of the greatest movies of all time "GLADIATOR." How could you not have seen .... "Focus Rob, focus" "Woosaaaaa, Wooo - saaaaa" Ok, I'll get back to that later.

I knew I was in for a fun day when Jackie decided to send me a text message with a snapshot of Mario and herself on Metro North coming to meet me. I arrived at Grand Central Station a little ahead of time, and ended up meeting them at T.G.I Friday's. Back into GCS we went, and you know, I never knew there was a Michael Jordan Steak House in there. Never ate there before, adding that to me list. While taking photos Jackie and Mario all of a sudden ran over to this trash can and started messing with it. At first I thought they were bugging out, then I said to myself, "cool, they want to move it to the center of the area and climb on it for photos." But it was then that I noticed the can was covered with the classy woman of WE TV's "Bridezilla." Can't believe they caught that before me. Don't worry, Jaclyn's definitely no Bridezilla.

We walked around the neighborhood for a while as Mario often made those faces that say "I'm up to something no good," or "my mind's in the gutter," or "hmmmm." This is the look feared by some and loved by others. At one point while they were posing on a lion figure, Mario made one of these faces, his hands weren't in view of me, but I'm sure the people on the other side of the glass behind them could have told me what was going on. We came across a group of circular platforms for sitting. I had Jackie and Mario sit on two of the smaller ones, while right next them this gentleman sat on a huge one while talking on his cell phone. Next thing you know he pushes off while still sitting down and the platform starts to spin. Now you know we couldn't resist. They both took a seat on either side of this stranger, and the three of them kicked off together and started going around and around. The stranger never missed one word of his phone conversation, that was really cool.

As we called it a day, Jackie and Mario invited me to have a drink with them at the Pershing Square Restaurant across from GCS. And it was here, while I savored the smooth taste of an ice cold Corona, that an unspeakable horror was revealed to me. Jaclyn has never seen "GLADIATOR." I never told Mario and Jackie this, but at that very same moment I felt the ground under my stool move. I can never be sure, but it felt like......., it felt like........, well it felt like General Maximus Decimus Meridius himself had just turn over in his grave. What is this world coming to? Check back in the weeks to come, their wedding will be a blast.

Check out the slide show!
"Strength and Honor"


Jackie said...

Ok, so I didn't hear you counsel Mario about not running out to get the "GLADIATOR," once he was informed that I have never seen the movie *clearing of throat* I mean "GLADIATOR," lol....So would we say he is partially to blame? :)

I have to admit that I have taken my own personal survey, (being the look on your face was of pure shock and oh yes, it showed) and it's offical, I AM THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH WHO HAS NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE :'(

Rob, I can't say it enough, you take phenomenal pictures. I can't wait to see you at our wedding!!


J Sandifer said...

Terrific slideshow! Sounds like your clients are stoked with your work!