Friday, August 22, 2008

Ligia and Gilles: They're going to do it!

I met this couple through a mutual friend and I'm truly honored. Ft. Tryon Park up in Inwood is a really cool spot that over looks the Hudson River. This park seems endless, a couple of hills here and there, but still a great park. Ligia kept bragging about being able to pick Gilles up, and I tried not to provoke her into doing so. I didn't want to take a chance in her hurting herself before the wedding. But after all is said and done on their wedding day, I may very well ask her to pick him up over her head when I tak their protraits. Put her to the test.

You can check back in a few weeks for their wedding preview, it should be a blast.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anitra and Elijah: Made it Happen

It was a great day when these two exchanged their vows. It was suppose to rain, and actually did twice. But during the course of the day it stopped every time Anitra stepped outside. Must have been a lot of praying going on. My friend Chad Pennington came out to shoot beside me for the day. Thanks Chad!!!!

Anitra and Elijah were married at St. Paul Community Baptist Church. This happens to be the church that I attend..... When I do attend church... That said, it was a great ceremony. From there we headed off to DUMBO to take some shots, and made a quick stop at BAM on the way. No for those of you not from this planet, DUMBO stands for Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, and BAM is the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The celebration took place at the Midtown Loft & Terrace. It was a really cool evening, with friend's and family of Elijah and Anitra sharing in their celebration.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Down Time

I took a few days off and made a trip down to Delaware with Avery and Simone for her family's reunion. It's the first time the three of us have taken off together and it was a blast. We stopped by our friends George and Audra's shop to pick up some of their awesome "Munchies" Oatmeal cookies. The cookies are all natural, vegan oatmeal cookies with chocolate chip and ginger flavors. Simone's mother ordered about 20 boxes of the cookies to give to family, and the three of us were scheming on how to hold back some to the cookies for ourselves. But good ethics and the samples Audra and George gave us kept us in line.

I had a great time in Delaware, which always the case around Simone's mom, you actually don't have much of a choice with her. I didn't take a lot of pictures, just wanted to relax. But below are some of my favorites of the ones I did take.

Simone, George, Audra, Avery and Me

My son is a sharp looking guy!

Thought I saw it all

Simone and Tip

Tip after a long day.

That's Simone checking her email and Tip dreaming.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shanequa and Arthur Cory Terry: Married!!

Shanequa and Cory have an energy about them that projects to all around them. Their wedding day was just what I expected and more. It was all about them and family, and that's a great thing. They reminded me once again why I love documenting the special day of couples.

Ryan Jensen attended as my guest shooter for the day, and it's always a blast having him around. When I met with Shanequa and Cory a week before their day, I asked them to help me play a joke on Ryan by calling him "Omar" A name he picked up from a previous couple of mine. That morning when I jokingly called Ryan "Omar" he laughed but said " don't do that" At that point I told myself to inform my bride and groom to forget the joke I wanted to play on him, but figured they'd forget about it anyway. Well as faith would have it, as I introduced Ryan to each of them that morning they both remembered and as I went from one room to the other they both proceeded to say "Hey Omar" before I could lift a finger to stop them. But it's cool,
Ryan being Ryan took it in stride. I'm sure he'll get me back one day. Since they both got prepared in the same hotel they asked to take some pictures together with out them seeing each other. Well, at least without Cory seeing his bride.

The Coral House is where the vows were exchanged and the celebration took place. And here during the ceremony Cory proved that true men, "real" men, do cry. The bond between them are off the scale.

Check out some of my favorite images (Ryan's included) below, and check back for a slide show. (I'm behind on those things)

Just for you Shallonda!

Nadia and Chauncey: Knot Tied

They made it happen. In full view of family and friends, Chauncey and Nadia exchanged their vows at The Cathedral of the Incarnation, in Garden City, New York. Ryan Jensen worked with me to document their day and got some awesome images. Westbury Manor hosted their reception, and was able to contain the celebration energy.

Nadia and Chauncey, Thank You for sharing your day with me. You guys are great!!!

Chauncey being welcomed to the family!!!

Check back for a slideshow!!