Saturday, January 06, 2007

My First Images of 2007

Some of you maybe wondering, what do you do in Brooklyn, on a Saturday morning, in the early part of January. Well here are a few suggestions. First you can sit down at the Sugar Hill Supper Club and have a great brunch. I think you should try the crab cakes, grits and eggs.

Make sure you say hi to Norva and Judy

Then you can walk off your meal as you make your way to Ft. Green Park. Take time to look around you. This puddle held a cool reflection.

The tree looks colder than it actually was today.

Now if you happen to have a camera like I did, you can walk around the park and snap pictures of people enjoying the crazy weather. Did I mention it felt like 70 deg today?

Soccer or Football?

Reading back to back with that significant other is always a good thing.

And if all else fails. Try smacking a poor defenceless ball around with a big mallet.

Either way, enjoy your day, and have a Blessed and Happy New Year!