Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And then there were 3... well soon

Well it was a lazy weekend for me. And what's a lazy weekend without taking pictures of soon to be parents. "How lazy was it" I'm glad you asked, (if you didn't pretend you did). Well it was so lazy for me this weekend that I only had to climb one flight of stairs to photograph Dede, Jamar and baby to be. They live above me. How cool is that?

I'm posting a few today, and will follow up with more soon.

And how do you wrap up a cool photo session like this. Let's see..
you order a bunch of food,
answer the door bell that your niece just rang,
greet your niece, her little brother, and her boyfriend at the door,
opps fiance "sorry Will"
Did I mention that after I let my niece in the door she showed me her new engagement ring? I'm happy for her, he's good people. (back to the list)
hug your niece about 10 times,
then you sit down with your girlfriend, your two friends/clients, their baby to be, your niece, her little brother, her fiance, her miniature Yorkie "Muffin", eat while watching Pirates of the Caribbean and say.... THANK YOU!!!

"Gotta Love It"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shiron & Rodney

Well after watching the De La Hoya / Mayweather fight Saturday night, a quick trip up to Connecticut to shoot Shiron and Rodney's engagement pictures is just what I needed. When they told me the story about how they met I had to laugh. Barber looking in mirror fixing own hair, Barber sees beautiful girl walk past shop window, Barber runs out of shop after girl, Barber meets resistance from girl and somehow Barber and girl are here years later taking engagement photos. That would never have worked for me.

We started the day in New Haven around Yale University. Before leaving New Haven we stopped for a bite to eat at Sandra's, where under wise advise I tried the "Sweet and Tangy Chicken," good stuff. Wow, the thought just made me hungry again. If you ever in the neighborhood you should give it a try.

From there we went to Bridgeport and hit Beardsley Park and Captain's Cove Seaport. The park is really cool, green grass, trees, water and "geese." Why did Rob put "geese" in quotations the way he did you may be asking yourself. Well I love geese, but just not around the grass I'm walking through, you can take it from there. Ok, back to my day. I could have easily taken a nap at the park ( if I weren't taking pictures, and there were no geese), and stuffed my face at the Seaport. Well enjoy the photos and slide show.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tiara and Mark

If the title sounds familiar it's because it was about two months ago that I posted their engagement photos. Well we've moved on to the main event which took place at the Green Tree Country Club in New Rochelle. The morning started a little cloudy, but the sun kicked into high gear as the day progressed. And what a beautiful day it was. Thanks to my good friend James Ravenell for shooting with me this day.
When first posted Tiara and Marks engagement photos, I spoke of the smiles that never stop. Now that I've met their families I understand where all of those smiles comes from.
As special as this wedding was for me, it was made even more so when I got to see Tanisha and Jared, whose wedding I shot last year. They're expecting another addition to the Leake trio soon. And imagine my surprise when Materia, whose marriage to James I'll be shooting later this year, sang a solo during Tiara and Mark's ceremony.
It was a great day for Bride, Groom, family, friends. Check out some of the slide show.