Monday, September 15, 2008

Trina and Leo: The Marriage Begins

It was not too long ago that Trina and Leo were with me in Brooklyn being passionate in front of my camera, and the rest of the world. Now they've taken their relationship to yet another level. They exchanged their vows at Windows on the Lake, in Lake Ronkonkoma, in New Lake, Lake City.... Ok, I'm just joking about everything after Lake Ronkonkoma. At the beginning of her day Trina kept trying to figure out why she didn't feel nervous. Besides her beautiful mother, she was about the coolest person there the whole day. I'm not going to talk about the start of Leo's day, "lol" but I heard a couple of things. But us "MEN" must stick together, so Leo, your secret about the socks is safe with me. Now weather or not James Ravenell will write to the tabloids about it is up to him. Jame blessed me with his presence, and his camera that day. Thanks James.

All in all it was a beautiful day, and a serious honor documenting the union of this great couple.