Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sabine and Steven

Sabine, Steven and I went to a park a short walk from the school where they first met in Springfield, Queens, to take their engagement photos. This park happens to have a stream that empties into pond, or a lake, I'm not sure at what point a pond becomes a lake. But anyway, as we were leaving Sabine saw a turtle in the stream, underwater and on its back. We could tell by the "Awe!!" expressed by Sabine that she was concerned. Well no, neither Steven nor I waded into the water to flip it over. It didn't look upset and I was convinced it was taking in the sun anyway. Sorry, no pictures of the turtle.

With less than a year to go before their July nuptials, Sabine and Steven are ready to go. Hopefully by then Steven will accept the fact that he doesn't have an engagement ring.

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Anonymous said...

Um. I am pretty sure turtles never swim on their back :) Nice shots!