Monday, July 09, 2007

Niki and Kevin

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks now but the day is etched in my head. Nichole began her morning at the home of her father in Brooklyn while Kevin got dressed at their own home a few blocks away. This day my guest photographer was Lindsay Flanagan, great photographer, and a beautiful person, we had a blast. And for the first time, I also incorporated and assistant, whom just happens to be my girlfriend Simone. She came highly recommended by me.

The ceremony was held at the BEAUTIFUL Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. While Nichole waited in a suite for her moment to begin, she kept asking me "Rob, is it rainining, is it suppose to rain today, did you see the weather report for today?" And even though the clouds had begun to roll in my answer was "Nope, it's not raining, nope it's not suppose to rain, and Yep I saw the weather and there's not rain on your day" Of course none of this was true, but I wasn't saying anything else because I had faith and didn't want Niki worrying about something she couldn't control. But of course someone had to blurt out "Oh Yeah, There's suppose to be showers, thunder, lightning, hail, meteors, the works" Ok, she didn't say all of that, but she said enough, and the sound of thunder in the back ground didn't help any either. But as faith would have it, the rain stopped and the sun came back out just as Niki and Kevin were pronounced "Husband and Wife."

The reception was held across the street form the church at the Midtown Loft & Terrace, a really great location in it's own right. But when you add the touch of a beautiful event design /planner such as Marlene Prophete of Galas Inc., it becomes a HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! location. Sorry about the shameless plug there, but Marlene also happens to be a friend of mine whom until meeting to discuss Niki's wedding 2 weeks before hand, I hadn't seen since high school. But more importantly, she very good at what she does. What a small world.

Below are a few photos from the day, please check out Lindsay's blog for more of her great images from the day. Some of the photos in the slideshow were taken by Lindsay, I loved them so much I wanted you to see them twice, espcially the last one. Enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out the SlideShow!!!

One More Thing!!

It never fails that something always catches me off guard at some point of a wedding day. This time it happened at Niki's father's house that morning. Now at some point I knew that I've photographed everyone in the house, until I started to hear this baby crying. But no one seemed the least bit concerned. I kept asking myself, how did I miss a baby, the sound is coming from the kitchen where I've already been, and why is no one going to see why this baby is crying. So I made my way back into the kitchen, but didn't see any baby. But as I stood there in the door way someone to my right said "HELLO." And there it was, a parrot, looking at me like I'm stupid. I asked someone, "Hey, does this parrot sometimes sound like a baby crying, and they tell me "Oh Yeah, it says a number of things." Boy did I feel as stupid as that parrot probably thought I looked.

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