Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For Their Eyes Only 7.07.007

Kate and Huey....... I really can't say enough about these two beautiful people. I first met Kate and Huey at a cocktail party thrown by my friend and exceptional photographer Jason Groupp.
Now I didn't pick that title just because they were married on 7.07.007. You see Huey has a serious thing for James Bond Movies. But unlike agent 007 Huey doesn't have to keep finding a new Bond Woman, with Kate he's set for life, and what a wonderful life I'm sure it will be for the two of them. My guest photographer Jolene helped me cover the day.

Kate started her day a the Bryant Park Hotel, which also served as the temporary home for most of their family and friends which came from out of town. This also included some of Huey's former football team mates of the University of Florida, "The Gators", whom averaged about 7' 11.9" and 359 lbs. So let me paint this picture for you, Huey's Alma mater wins a national football title, a national basketball title, Daniel Craig has recently and successfully taken responsibility for the role of James Bond, and most importantly.... He Got the Girl!! Not even Bond himself has been bless like that.

The ceremony was held at The Church of Saint Paul the Apostle. As you enter this church for the first time, your mouth automatically drops to the floor. Yeah, it's that amazing. Part of portrait session included an idea Huey had for reenacting a photo of Dean Martin, Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis looking over their shoulders while using a large set of urinals. So while shooting near Lincoln Center, Huey pointed out that the P.J Clarke's which just happen to be sitting right behind us may have the urinals. And guess what, one of the photos below shows the out come. After the manager had a big laugh about the idea, and cleared it, she agreed to letting us take the photo with the promise of a print that they could frame and hang up.

The reception took place at the Bryant Park Grill. Where Kate, Huey and their guest where entertained by a great band, (I'll have to get the name later). It was a really great night, and I'd really like to thank my new friends Kate and Huey for giving me the honor of documenting their day.

Now because of the way I wrote this post it may seem that the day really revolved around Huey, but let me simply remind you of something. James may have always been tossing the bad guys around, driving the cool cars, and had all the neat gadgets. But it was about the women; Ursla Andress, Kim Basinger, Diana Rigg, Honor Galour, Halle Berry and now Kate Richardson. Good for you Kate!!!

Dean and Jerry eat your heart out.

Jason actually threw his camera in the air and used the timer to take a picture.

Don't forget the slide show!!!


jason groupp said...

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Great job Rob! I cant pick a favorite, they are all amazing! You rock!

JenDavis said...

As always.. YOU ROCK! Amazing job my friend.. great to see you last night!

Rav said...

Dude, as always, simply amazing. You always have me saying, "How'd he see that?" Great work!

Elizabeth Groupp said...

Wow! These are so amazing!

I can't believe the day is over (sigh), but so glad we have your beautiful pics to look at!

BTW, I think the band was B Groove or Be Groove.........