Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A New Begining

It was a little more than a year ago that I met Materia and James. This meeting was triggered by Tanisha and Jared, who's wedding I shot in August of 2006. I was also introduced to Tiara and Mark who's wedding I shot in April of this year. So here I am now shooting the wedding for Materia and James, with my friend James Ravenell manning a second camera.

While these six people may have become linked to each other in different ways, they all have an extremely strong quality in common. Their Love of each other and their families. This is a quality that you have no choice but to notice and respect upon getting to know them. They also seem to have a knack for either making everyone laugh during their weddings or cry. In some cases both. I laughed pretty hard at their weddings and witnessed everyone else cry at times too. I myself have never cried at any of their weddings. Some have mistaken the sweat running down my face on Jared and Tanisha's day for tears, but being outside when it's 857 degrees will have that effect on you.

Staying true to form James had the courtesy to warn me about his approaching speech to his parents. While nearby trees had to be cut down to make tissue for other's, it just so happens that dust kicked up by a passing car outside found it's way into Jericho Terrace, came up the stairs, under the door, across the dance floor and got into my eyes. So here too I can understand why some may have mistakenly thought I was crying. IT'S NOT SOOOOOOO..... It takes more than Materia's beautiful face and James' tear jerking words to make me turn on the water works. You can believe that.

On that note (there must be dust in this room too), I say "Thank You" Materia and James for sharing your day with me.

Check out the slide show.

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