Monday, October 22, 2007

Quwana and Donald

After two days of travel across approximately 789 miles of the Atlantic Ocean, there was sun, more water, giant spiders, pink sand, and the marriage of Quwana and Donald. If you've ever been to this destination, the giant spiders and pink sand should have been enough for you to figure it out. If not, here's another clue, it's spelled B-E-R-M-U-D-A, and I'm not joking about the giant spiders, those suckers are huge, and no I didn't take a picture. Why? Because they are HUGE!!!!!!!! There's nothing worst than a HUGE, ugly spider in a BIG web.

Ok, back to the subject. I joined the family and friends of Quwana and Donald on a cruise to the "big spider" island of Bermuda. Beautiful island, beautiful people and great people, just really big spiders. The ceremony was held at the Lido Restaurant on Elbow Beach. Here Quwana and Donald exchanged their vows before family, friends and a Bermuda short wearing officiant. Now how cool is that? After the cocktail hour it was back to the ship for the voyage home. I really had a great time with them, and I'm ready to go back to the island. I'd like to spend about a week or two there and really enjoy all Bermuda has to offer. I'll let you know. Until then enjoy some of the photos.

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Michael Hamilton said...

Rob you did a great job man. Im mad that we did not get to hang out more on the boat. One thing i know you are going to miss the most is jonny rockets man thats was the spot.