Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shavonne and Carlos: E Session

While neither Carlos or Shavonne live in Brooklyn, they definitely have a connection to it. Around the corner from where I live is Brooklyn Tech HS, and Fort Greene Park where these two people met and hung out. Or day actually started when Carlos showed up early and we had to wait for Shavonne who was stuck in traffic. So headed back to my apartment, which at the time happened to be occupied by my neighbor and great friend Christalyn and some friends that came over to watch her work as an associate producer for an episode of MTV's "Made". As we headed to my apartment we ran into a film production set, and had to wait before crossing a street. And who did I see standing there in this fitting red dress looking very impressive? Brooke Shields, and I have to admit, she looked hot. But when I got back to the apartment and shared my sighting with Christalyn and her guest, only about half of them seemed impressed. And my son AJ had very vague idea who she was.

We had a great time in the park that day. And maybe on Shavonne and Carlos's wedding day, they will not only bless me with the honor documenting it, but invite Vanessa Williams and have her be my date. So what if I'm working.

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