Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blessings and Congratulation Daisy and Leonard

Welcome to my Blog, my very first Blog at that. And it's kewl that my first post will be about these two great people.

I had the pleasure of acting as second shooter today for my friend Ron Abernethy as he shot the "Getting Hitched on Kiss" wedding. Well I'm not to sure if I should call myself the second shooter or the third shooter, as another friend James Ravenell also played wedding papparazzi. You couldn't have asked for a better day as Daisy & Leonard's wedding took place on a World Yacht ship. Great ceremony, beautiful guest, entertainment by "Cheryl Pepsii Riley" and a special performance by "Freddie Jackson" who sang during the ceremony.

After the reception, the ship docked and most of the guest went home, but the day didn't end there. Ron, James and I were invited by the Bride and Groom to join them at the "Latitude Bar" to continue the celebration with some of their closest friends. At that point I was made to feel like a guest and not a photographer, but of course the opportunities kept presenting themselves, so we kept shooting.

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Rav said...

Rob, this was an excellent recap of the day! I must say that Lenny and Daisy made the entire day pleasant just because of who they are. As always, it was wonderful working with you yesterday.