Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ligia y Gilles Consiguieron Casado!!!!

I sure hope that title came out correct, I used a widget on my MAC to figure out how to say Ligia and Gilles got married. And if it isn't correct don't tell me so quickly, give me a moment here. It's been so long since I've posted I thought I'd do something like that.

Ligia and Gilles were actually married during the monsoon of 2008, anyone that got married that day, or in the case of my peers, covered a wedding that day here in New York, know exactly what day I'm speaking of. One man heard of the approaching storm, cleaned and drained his pool, and let the rain water fill it back up in 2 hours flat. Ok, I totally made that up, but you should get the picture, (no pun intended)

This awesome couple exchanged their vows at the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza, then took chartered a boat down to the United Nations, where after running from the front gate through the monsoon, proceeded to celebrate their union in the Delegates Dining Room. Yeah, I didn't know you could do that either. The plan was to take some beautiful shots in the Japanese Garden in the UN, but that monsoon had other plans. So to make up for mother natures abundant blessing of H2O, we decided to meet up at a later date and take some pics. Check back later for those, and for now enjoy these.

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Christine said...

I love that one of the bride stepping out under the umbrellas. Such a great shot!!