Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeannette and Lionel

This post was a long time coming for me; I've been fighting with the flu since my return from the WPPI Convention in Vegas. But finally (I'm sure Jeannette will agree), here we go.

It was only a few months ago that Lionel, Jeannette and I had an E-Session down in DUMBO. Now they've completed the first part of their journey with their wedding day.

Both bride and groom got prepared at the Hudson Hotel in Midtown. No one seemed nervous to me, but then, I only covered Jeannette that morning. The honor of documenting Lionel's morning went to my guest shooter and great friend Omar. OOPPS! I mean Ryan. I'm pretty sure that nervousness had nothing to do with what caused Lionel to keep calling Ryan "Omar," it was a mistake that anyone could make. So what Ryan was wearing a 6" by 2" name tag that read "Ryan Jensen" on his jacket that also had the same printed on the back.

Ok, I'm kidding about the name tag and the jacket. But not about the "Omar" part.

From the Hudson we went to The Foundry in Long Island City, one of my favorite locations. Here Jeannette and Lionel had a small, but beautiful ceremony and reception. The Foundry is such a great location because you can transform it in so many different ways, and the ambiance is always awesome. Make sure you check back for more on this beautiful couple since we'll be doing a "day after session" at a later date. Enjoy the slide show below. (In a first for me, a good number of the images in the slide show were taken by Ryan, "great work Omar.")

The greatest moment of the evening for me came in the speech that Lionel gave during the reception. In it he said while their wedding day is coming to an end, their marriage has just begun. Now that's not a direct quote, but it is close enough for you to get the point. That statement is so profound to me, it shows that Lionel has his heart and soul in the right place and understands that the adventure with Jeannette just begun.

Thank You guys for letting me and Omar, opps!! Ryan, be part of your journey.


megan dailor said...

Great stuff Rob! That looked like a really fun wedding!

JenDavis said...

Awesome work Rob!

Tag.. your it!