Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Lot of Love

Melanie and Chris exchanged their voes at The Foundry in Long Island City. A big "Thanks" to Jolene for helping me that day. When I showed up at the W Hotel The Court that morning to photograph Melanie getting ready, it got a little confusing. You see, one of her bride's maids were also getting ready at the hotel. And if it wasn't for the fact that I've already met Melanie a couple of times, I would have sworn the bride's maid was actually the bride. It kept the morning very comical, as everyone else in the room had to remind themselves from time to time whom was getting married, including Melanie.
All in all they had a great day, filled with family and friends. Enjoy some of the images below.

Want to see more images? Check out the slideshow


Jolie said...

Rob -- you are too funny. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow...My back will be FULLY covered :-P

~Jolie aka Maidzilla

JenDavis said...

Rob, amazing work as always!You did such a great job making the harsh sun look super flattering!

jason groupp said...

+1 what Jen says! Love that ring shot too!

Wendy G. said...

Harsh sun? I could never have known. Yeah, these are wonderful images. I'm sure the couple can't wait to see the rest.