Tuesday, March 06, 2007

She Knows It's Him

Victoria and Earl's wedding was everything expected and more. The night before, members of the wedding party and some guest, stayed at the Grand Hyatt Regency Wind Watch. That night Victoria's sorority sisters of "Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.", and friends chipped in with last minute details. They used two guest rooms to finish gifts and programs. Now the punch line is the walk around I did with Vic to check on production, and boy let me tell you, my first 5 mins in each of the rooms where like night and day. In one room, Cd's, candles, glue guns, and paper were in full motion. In the other room work started with high "spirits." Those of you in the second room know what I mean. But all jokes aside, it was very cool to see her friends coming through for her, even at 11:30PM.

The ceremony @ The Watermill, went off without a hitch. I have to admit that it was a little weird for me, because I've always viewed Earl and Victoria as married anyway. And as for the reception, a new standard in the world of celebration may have been set that night. When you mix Vic and her AKA sisters, with Earl and his "Kappa Alpha Psi" Fraternity brothers, family, and a shot of other Sorority and Fraternities, you get a serious Party. The day was made all the more special because I shot it with two of my friends, James Ravenell and Ron Abernethy.

My lasting memory of that entire weekend will be the look on Victoria's face, repeated time and time again. The look of "At Last" Here are a few images.

The guy in this photo believe it or not is my friend James, the other photographer. Can't take him no where.

Of course there's a slideshow, click here

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